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Served with White Rice or Brown Rice
E1. Happy Family 12.00
E2. Seafood Delight 12.00
E4. Triple Delight 12.00
E5. Crispy Beef w. Thai Sweet Sauce 12.00
spicy E6. General Tso's Chicken 11.00
spicy E7. General Tso's Shrimp 14.00
E8. Lobster w. Ginger & Scallion Sauce 18.95
E9. Shrimp with Almond 14.00
spicy E10. Pepper Salt Shrimp 14.00
spicy E11. Orange Chicken 11.00
spicy E12. Orange Beef 12.00
spicy E13. Sauteed Shredded Beef w. Chinese Chili Pepper 12.00
E14. Mango Chicken 12.00
E15. Mango Shrimp 13.00
E16. Sesame Chicken 11.00
spicy E17. Diced Chicken w. Dry Chili Pepper 11.00